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A past too painful to speak about leaves a family without answers. Anne searches to find the truth surrounding the 1948 murder of her aunt Miriam. She discovers a tragic story, but a legacy to be proud of.

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An Unexpected Death

When Anne and her family discovered the death certificate of Miriam, they realized the stories they'd been told about her didn't match up. They were suddenly faced with the fact that there was a brutal murder in their family history.

A Buried Story

6 days before Miriam's 23rd birthday, she was beaten to death by two men in the streets of Manhattan's Upper West Side. Afterwards she was all but forgotten. Witnesses went quiet, the case went cold, and the family couldn't bare to speak of her. Her story remained buried for 70 years ...until now.

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We are always looking for clues. If something about our story has sparked a memory or you think you may have knowledge of this time period, please write us. We also want to hear other stories from people that have been effected by a murder in their family. Lastly, we are currently in production of this documentary and if you'd like to help, by donation or any other way, please reach out.